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Happy Asian family at home. Mother feeding solid food to 9 months old baby boy in the kitchen, living lifestyle indoors.

Home Alone and Babysitting in BC – FAQ’s

By Safe + Sound | April 22, 2019

Safe + Sound has been running the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting program for 20 years in Coquitlam, BC. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from parents and caregivers about kids babysitting and being home alone. Q: What is the legal age to babysit in BC? A: There’s no minimum legal…

Babysitting course SD43

September 20 2019, Pro D Day Babysitting Class, Coquitlam. Register today! 

By Safe + Sound | April 15, 2019

Why register your child for a Babysitting course? Are you worried when you leave your older child at home alone with their younger siblings? If you’d like your 11-15 year old to learn babysitting skills and how to be safer when home alone, register them on our Red Cross Babysitting class on September 20 2019…

workers providing first aid to injured co-worker

Legal Issues Around First Aid

By Safe + Sound | April 5, 2019

Can I be sued for giving first aid? Many people fear being sued for coming to the aid of someone with an injury. This same fear often prevents people from getting trained in first aid. You’ve probably heard the parable of the Good Samaritan. The clear message in this story is that assisting those in trouble…

injured worker lying slumped against wall with person giving first aid.

Basic Life Support (BLS) – 2019 Update and FAQ’s

By Safe + Sound | February 8, 2019

Red Cross recently launched the Basic Life Support Program. Development of this course was driven by industry audiences and the need for a clear distinction from public (or lay) CPR courses. Health care provider audiences require a professional, skills-driven resuscitation course that recognizes requisite knowledge. BLS – Frequently asked questions Q. What is Basic Life…

Babysitting in BC and Kids at Home Alone – FAQ’s

By Safe + Sound | October 4, 2018

Safe + Sound has been running the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting program for 19 years in Coquitlam, BC. Here are some of the most common questions parents and caregivers ask us. Q: What is the legal age to babysit in BC? A: There’s no minimum legal age for when children can become babysitters in Canada.…

How can employers reduce the impact of poor mental health in the workplace?

By Safe + Sound | September 14, 2018

The link between stress, mental health and employee absence is well known; it remains a significant challenge for many Canadian employers. Poor mental health in the workplace has a negative impact on both physical and mental well-being of employees. The early signs of poor mental health can be seen when employees begin to experience physical…

World First Aid Day – Sept 8 2018 – Why learn first aid?

By Safe + Sound | September 8, 2018

The second Saturday in September is World First Aid Day. On this day we acknowledge the role of first aid awareness, training and practical application in making a real difference to people’s lives. A common misconception is ‘it won’t happen to me’. The truth is that thousands of Canadians die and millions are injured each…

A man drowned at the beach on my daughter’s birthday.

By Safe + Sound | July 26, 2018

A couple of years ago we were celebrating my daughter’s birthday at White Pines beach in Port Moody. A young man went missing in the lake, people started yelling and eventually the man was found under an inflatable raft. He was dragged onto the beach and paramedics performed CPR. The man was then airlifted to…

Red Cross trainer saved by students. Would you know what to do?

By Safe + Sound | July 17, 2018

Luckily for Red Cross trainer Inga Sloan her students knew what to do when she experienced a heart attack at age 39. Inga had just started teaching her first aid class when she suddenly collapsed. With no signs, symptoms, or warning, Inga dropped to the floor and went into full cardiac arrest. She was showing…

News for Employers – Workplace First Aid Certifications in BC

By Safe + Sound | June 27, 2018

Great news regarding workplace first aid certification! Effective September 1 2018, both Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid (EFA) and Standard First Aid (SFA) will be recognized as equivalent to Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1, also known as Workplace Emergency First Aid (WEFA). Unlike the Level 1 program, Red Cross EFA and SFA certification…