Our Team

Experienced Certified First Aid Instructors

Gill McCulloch, Company Director

Gill is the friendly outgoing "face" of Safe + Sound. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Human Biological Sciences and was a Canadian Red Cross first aid instructor for 12 years (1999-2011).

Gill is an active member of the Tri-Cities community. She enjoys her membership with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and is currently serving as the V.P Education at the Tri-Cities Chamber Toastmasters club.

Gill is a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer and was a Relay for Life team captain for 11 years. She enjoys singing with a Coquitlam choir, baking cookies and spending time with her family and friends.

Gill has provided first aid to members of the public on many occasions and she is currently advocating for first aid training to be included in the school curriculum for children of all ages. She is also working towards the goal of encouraging every workplace, school and public building to have a lifesaving defibrillator on site.

Gill’s mission is to create safer, happier communities through education and training.  When people are empowered with first aid skills and safety information, they get to come home to their families Safe and Sound.

Gill McCulloch

Safe + Sound Instructors

Our courses are taught by certified Red Cross First Aid Instructors who can tailor the course based on class composition. Our instructors bring a wealth of personal experience to their courses and their use of real life examples will make your first aid class entertaining and memorable.

Brent Livingstone


Brent discovered his passion for first aid providing emergency medical care as a first responder. He has been working as a professional firefighter since 2006 and became a Red Cross First Aid Instructor in 2010. Brent loves teaching people to use life saving skills and develop the confidence to act if they are faced with a medical emergency.

Pauline Morrow


Pauline is a certified Red Cross First Aid Instructor and enjoys the challenge of teaching students of all levels. She brings energy and humour to her classes and uses personal stories to illustrate her message. Pauline’s goal is to give her students the skills to face future first aid emergencies with confidence and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Reza M. Shariatzade


As a retired doctor of medicine, university professor and infectious disease specialist, Reza brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Red Cross first aid instructor. As well as teaching courses regularly for Safe + Sound, Reza also volunteers as an instructor for the Canadian Red Cross Smart Start Program. His ability to speak Farsi, Azerbaijani and Turkish as well as English is of great benefit to many of our students.

Carla Abichahine


Carla is a Master Trainer for the Mental Health First Aid program on behalf of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and delivers courses across Canada. Carla’s training gives people understanding, knowledge and effective strategies needed to support an individual experiencing or developing a mental health crisis. She is an experienced trainer who can deliver sensitive information in a professional manner. And her energy, enthusiasm and humour help her create a positive learning experience for participants.

Asheton Lea Finnson


Asheton works as a Paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and has a 10 year background in the First Aid Industry. As a certified Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor she enjoys teaching first aid and brings her life experience and extensive medical knowledge to her classes. Asheton is an active volunteer in the community and has worked at many local events. She feels fortunate to work with such a variety of people and to be able to help train them to respond confidently to emergency situations. She looks forward to seeing you in one of her classes!