What our clients say about our services

I have just taken a Red Cross Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR class with Safe + Sound and it was the best first aid course I have taken to date! The instructor was very passionate about teaching first aid – the passionate ones make the best teachers. The instruction was clear, easy to follow and we were encouraged to ask questions if we didn’t understand. I now feel confident I’m my abilities to perform CPR and I highly recommend Safe + Sound First Aid Training.

Sarah Chettle

I highly recommend Safe and Sound First Aid for all your agency first aid training needs. I have had nothing but positive experience working with them in doing in-house first aid training for staff and members. I appreciate their flexibility, punctuality, skilled instructors and effective communication with our agency. I am pleased to recommend Gill as they consistently provide our agency with quality service. I personally appreciate how Gill is so thoughtful and sends out thank you cards and little treats to thank us for the business and it is nice to receive the personal touch.

Darrell Roemer, Rehabilitation and Resource Manager at New View Society

Gill is a great person to liaise with for First Aid Training. She is very professional and is passionate about the nature of her business. I recommend using Safe & Sound First Aid Training. This company delivers really great Industrial First Aid Level 1 training classes.

 Debra Derkson, District Clerk at BC Public Service

We recently hosted a Red Cross Emergency First Aid & CPR course at our school. The course was one of the best I have taken over the 35-odd years that I have been taking first aid! Pauline brought a fine balance of good pacing, significant knowledge, wide experience, supportive anecdotes, practicality, and receptivity to questions (which were answered in a positive & informed way) and a ready sense of humour. Even though the day was a long one for our staff, who had supervised the walk-a-thon that morning, they found the course engaging and informative. Thank you Safe + Sound for an excellent time renewing our first aid certification here at TLA.

Martin Dale, Principal, Traditional Learning Academy, Coquitlam

“My wife and I attended this great program hosted by Safe + Sound First Aid Training. As parents of a daughter with mental illness, we learned some valuable skills and information around managing mental health crises. The skills we came away with will undoubtedly help us both within our family and in our community. Mental Health First Aid  is an excellent program and we would recommend this training to anyone who would like to learn more about helping people with mental health issues.”

      Mayor Richard Stewart, City of Coquitlam

I felt compelled to write you since I had such an amazing experience in the first aid course I attended with my father through Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how great you were with my dad. Being that my father is elderly, has physical limitations and speaks English as a second, I was nervous that this course could turn out to be a disaster. However, your patience, your thorough knowledge of first aid and your excellent instruction made the course so worthwhile for both of us. My dad learned a lot that day, thanks to the instructor consistently checking in and ensuring he understood the course material. I had taken first aid twice before with another company and it just doesn’t compare. Your training was enjoyable, informative, memorable and valuable. Your courses not only educate, they also instil life-saving confidence so that participants are able to take action in emergency situations – when it really counts. Thank you, Safe + Sound, for making this course such an extraordinary experience. I will most definitely recommend your organization to anyone interested in taking high quality first aid training, and will keep saying with certainty that Safe + Sound is the best!

Susan Mihalic

Hi, I wanted to send a quick thank you for the amazing experience my daughter Nadia had last week at your Babysitting First Aid course. Nadia came home so excited, and so enthused to share what she had learned from Olivia, the course instructor. I was so proud, and it was quite nostalgic for me, as an Emergency Physician, to remember my own first First Aid course around that age, and later getting involved in teaching it through lifeguarding, Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, etc. Thank you for offering such a great day to the kids and lighting another little fire.


Adam Lund BSc, MD, MEd, FRCPC (Emergency)
Royal Columbian & Eagle Ridge Hospitals
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UBC
Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, UBC

I took a First Aid course at Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. It was awesome and I learnt a ton. If you want to learn to save a life (potentially of a loved one or a kid), I would highly recommend connecting with them!

Ted Lau, CEO, Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc.

We were delighted to have Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. come and provide our nursing staff at St. Michael’s Centre with First Aid and CPR Training for the second time.   Gill McCulloch who is the Director of Safe + Sound was so helpful and flexible with our needs.  We picked dates that worked for our staff and Gill was so accommodating.  We found that the price was extremely reasonable compared to the other companies out there.  And finally the most important reason why we keep choosing Safe + Sound First Aid Training is because of the top notch instructors.  We really value the outstanding instructors that have been providing us with the education.  They have been extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun.   This really helps keep our staff interested and excited about First Aid & CPR training.  We look forward to having them back again soon!

Thank you Safe + Sound!!!

Dora Grieve, RN, Nursing Resource Coordinator
St. Michael’s Centre, Burnaby

It has been a pleasure to know the staff and instructors of Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd; whether serving you over the phone or providing services during the course, their genuine willingness to help their clients is extraordinary and makes you feel special. The Instructor that I took the course with was a former university professor in medicine and needless to say, every aspect of the training was handled very professionally. I highly recommend Safe + Sound to anyone who is considering doing a First Aid or CPR course. I am confident that your experience and learning will be as fulfilling.

Hassan Askari, Director of Play Tennis & Junior Academy
People’s Courts Tennis Academy, Coquitlam

My sister hosted a Red Cross Infant/Child CPR course at her house. I attended because I was going to be helping to look after my new nephew when my sister went back to work after her maternity leave was over and because I was also due to have my second child the following September. The instructor for the first aid class was Gill McCulloch from Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd.  The following September, my son Daniel was born and we brought him home from the hospital when he was two days old.

On his first night home was sleeping in the cradle next to our bed and, although my husband sleeps with earplugs, I usually hear everything and awake very easily. This night I didn’t hear anything.  At about 5 a.m. in the morning, my husband was awoken by a strange sound coming from the cradle.  Thankfully, one of his earplugs had fallen out of his ear.  He got up, looked into the cradle and in the slightly darkened room, noticed that the sound was coming from our baby and that the baby had his back arched.  He immediately picked him up.  Daniel’s head was back, his back was arched and he appeared to be choking.  His hands, arms and mouth area were very cold.  My husband and I passed him back and forth and paddled his little back and finally I recalled what I had learned in Gill’s first aid class and what I needed to do.  I took a deep breath and continued to administer what I had learned in the class until he coughed up a rubbery sticky ball of mucous that was caught in his throat and obstructing his breathing.

It still scares me to this day, to think about what may have happened that day had I not taken Gill’s Safe + Sound First Aid class.  I would highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone – it saved my newborn son’s life!

Tracey Carslake, Port Coquitlam

Our son really enjoyed the babysitting course he took through Safe + Sound First Aid Training, and came away from it with a solid foundation of first aid and practical child care skills. He appreciated the film at the beginning about the Red Cross because it gave context for the rest of the day, loved the way Gill taught the course and her easygoing yet very informative and encouraging approach, and he particularly enjoyed the first aid part of the day. He now feels he has the training he needs to look after younger children and is confident that if a child gets injured while he is in charge, he would know what to do and how to do it until further help arrived if necessary. We found the online registration incredibly easy and efficient and as parents feel very comfortable that our son will be able to handle a variety of different situations as a result of taking the course, whether he is looking after someone else’s children or is just at home on his own. As involved community members we are often asked for recommendations for first aid or babysitting training, and we readily refer our friends and colleagues to Safe + Sound.


Sue and Pat Bugos

North Shore Community Resources, Child Care Resource and Referral Program has had a successful long standing working relationship with Safe + Sound First Aid Training.  Safe + Sound is recognized for the provision of regular first aid training opportunities on the North Shore for child care providers. This partnership has streamlined our ability to offer first aid training to our child care community and been a definite asset to our services.”

June M. Maynard, Manager, Child Care Resource Program
North Shore Community Resources Society

I have been so busy but I wanted to drop in a note to thank you. I recently moved to British Columbia from Montreal, Quebec and as my first aid certificate was ready to expire I registered and attended your Red Cross training course. Over the years I have taken many courses in order to keep updated and as working with children feel it very important to be doing so.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful course that you offer. The trainer was excellent, exciting and the equipment and set up you have is number one. I compliment you on taking pride in your business and in the very professional way your course is offered and instructed.

It gave me the desire to look into the possibility of becoming a trainer myself. It would be a different experience teaching adults as my students are usually quite small.

Again I thank you.

Mary Rowan

Burnaby Association For Community Inclusion (BACI) operates six childcare programs and we employ over 40 staff. For the past 3 years our organization has employed Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd to provide Red Cross first aid training for our early childhood educators.  Gill McCulloch and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and make the learning process fun and exciting through the use of props, hands on materials and their humour. The staff walk away with invaluable knowledge that they learned in a relaxed and fun environment.

The Red Cross first aid programs Gill offers are convenient and economical for our large group. We are truly grateful for Gill’s expertise and experience. We are confident that the children in our care will be safe because of the skills taught to the staff through Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd.

Thank you Gill!

Jas Sidhu – Manager, Childcare Services
Burnaby Association For Community Inclusion

I would like to thank Gill McCulloch, Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. for providing detailed and professional first aid training for the City Youth Workers.  Gill’s flexibility, patience and professionalism is much appreciated.

Chill Yin Lee, Recreation Program Coordinator, City of Coquitlam

I represent child care providers who have taken the Child Safe first aid course with Gill. The feed back that I received was excellent. Some of the comments were “she presented well,” “all the topics were covered”, “the information was clearly given,” “I would take this course with Gill again.” It has been a pleasure working with Gill to present these first aid courses.

Janet Shaw, Supervisor – Langley Family Services
Child Care Resource & Referral Program

We have been using Safe + Sound to provide first aid courses for youth for a number of years. I have found Gill to be very flexible and accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. Her professionalism and outgoing personality make it a pleasure to work with her. We know that we are getting high quality instruction which is very important when it comes to first aid education.

Susan Knecht,  Recreation Program Coordinator
Coquitlam Leisure & Parks, Youth Services

I hosted my first Safe + Sound First Aid Training course in my home after the birth of our first child.  I had quite a few friends who had all had their first children around the same time and we all really felt that it was a good idea for us to have some formal first aid training. With a new baby around there are plenty of other things to worry about and I wanted the peace of mind that I would be able to react quickly in an emergency situation.

We were all so pleased with our instructor Gill McCulloch. She made us all feel so relaxed, and being a Mom herself she was able to give us fantastic advice that we knew was practical and realistic.  We all finished the course that day feeling like we possessed the knowledge needed to make our homes safe for our little ones.

The very next day after our first aid course my family was at dinner at a friend’s house when my son started to choke on a piece of ham. Everyone at the table was very surprised at how calm I stayed and how efficiently I was able to get the situation under control. I know that had he choked two days prior I would have done the wrong thing and most definitely panicked. Thankfully he was OK, and the rest of the dinner went off without a hitch.

I had my second child 2 years ago and it was very helpful to have my first aid books still around to re-baby-proof our house again.
So here I am, ready to renew my first aid certificate. Not only for my own personal use, but because I also take care of several of my friend’s children. I have had no problem at all in having friends sign up to take the course again.  We all loved learning from Gill and being able to take the course in the relaxed environment of my home. I would highly recommend the Red Cross Emergency Child Care First Aid Training Course to all parents and care-givers.

Shannon Hyde

Dear Gill,

Thank you so much for making the Red Cross Emergency First Aid course not only informative but also very interesting.  Your enthusiasm really left an impression. I have since made up my own first aid kit and feel much more skilled if called upon. Very glad to have attended your group in May and would recommend it.

Pat. H

Dear Gill,

I am writing to thank you very much for coming to our house to share your first aid expertise with us. Richard and I and our friends and family learned a great deal in our Infant-Child CPR class and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that we now feel confident to handle any first aid emergencies that (God forbid!) may arise with our babies.  Your relaxed and confident presentation of the lifesaving techniques enabled us to catch on quickly and to easily commit them to memory. Also, we appreciated the many tips on childproofing our house and we have completed our safety checklist! Once again, we give your our most sincere thanks.

Deborah and Richard Armstrong – Armstrong Nutrition

I recently updated my CPR certification with Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. I found the instructor very friendly and informative. The instructor also allowed for plenty of practice in the requirements of the certificate I needed. The CPR course itself was very organized and clear. I also appreciated the inclusion of the history of the Red Cross and all the services it provides.

Sarah B.

I recently completed my Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR program with Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. and within a week I have already been able to use the skills I learned! During a trip to Mexico to a non-resort town, a group of us went hiking in the wooded and waterfall areas, when one of our hikers lost her balance and fell down some very big and jagged rocks. I witnessed this whole event and was first on the scene. She was very disoriented and shaken with a bruised shoulder, banged forehead and black eye with minor scrapes. Luckily she stopped and didn’t fall to the bottom of the incline. It could have been a very bad situation. We helped her up and out and luckily she was alright besides her minor injuries. She did need a sling for her arm for the next few days before travelling back home. I was able to put on a proper sling for her which no one else knew how to do. Even the knowledge of a minor thing as proper application of a sling helps out tremendously when someone is in pain. Having first aid training gave me the confidence and skills to be able to help. I recommend first aid training for everyone and Safe + Sound is a fantastic place to get it. Their staff members are fun and very professional. You just never know when you might need to do first aid!

Justin Sain, Coquitlam, BC

I just completed my recent first aid training with Safe + Sound. It was fantastic! I have taken this course several times through other companies; however this was the first time I ever left a training course with confidence and a VERY CLEAR understanding of what to do in an emergency. The teachers were friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you to all of you for such an amazing experience!

Michelle Bellerose, Pitt Meadows, BC

We invited Gill McCulloch, Director of Safe + Sound First Aid Training, to speak at our Heart Rally in Port Coquitlam in January. The purpose for the rally was to inspire our door to door canvassers, while providing health information that could be taken away and used. Gill provided a comprehensive overview of the purpose of CPR and AED training that was extremely beneficial to the audience. Gill’s presentation gave people a good perspective about the importance of knowing CPR and how easy an AED is to use. As well, she demonstrated how knowing CPR is key to feeling confident in emergency situations.

I want to thank Gill so much for coming and being such a huge contributor to our evening. Safe + Sound First Aid Training is definitely a company people should call to get professional, quality instruction.

Gill McCulloch is a wonderful person to work with – thorough, knowledgeable and friendly – all fantastic attributes of a presenter. I recommend Safe + Sound First Aid Training as a company you can trust to deliver first-class information and training programs.

With heartfelt thanks,

Gillian Yardley | Area Manager, Tri-Cities/Fraser Valley
Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon

I recently updated my CPR/First Aid with Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd.  Even though I have been taking CPR classes for almost 25 years, this was by far the best experience. The instructor, Doug House made the course very enjoyable with his great sense of humour; informative, with his knowledge and stories of real life experiences; and memorable with his helpful hints and teaching techniques on remembering things we learned.  He had a knack for explaining things in simplified terms so everyone would understand.  He explained why we do something.  I realized that in the past, everyone always taught “what to do” but not always “why we do it”.  Doug wanted us to understand the reasons behind our actions as well as the appropriate actions and for me that made all the difference.  I feel like what I learned is really going to stick in my memory and for that I thank-you. I will definitely be back and will recommend Safe + Sound to all my friends and family.


Margie Fracchia

I found Safe + Sound First Aid Training to be very efficient and professional – from billing procedure, the site, to flexibility to meeting the needs and success of our candidates. As a community worker for 20 years with teaching experience, I can say that Doug House was an exceptional instructor. He managed to engage me and the other students with his in depth knowledge and natural intuition and humour. Doug engaged the students in a respectful and compassionate manner with natural ease. He reminded all students that we are the “Heroes”.

Brian Pulver

The training that my husband and I received from Safe + Sound was very professional with lots of hands on experience. The course instructor was a brilliant doctor who really knew what he was teaching and went the ‘extra mile’ to make sure we all understood what we were doing and why. I recommend everyone have at least one first aid course because you never know where you might be able to help someone or save someone’s life.

Dana Smithers, Founder PRES Home Staging & Redesign Training Programs

Gill is a very knowledgeable, heartfelt woman. She is the perfect person to share this knowledge with people because she really cares. I highly recommend her services when you are ready to train your staff and yourself on First Aid procedures.

Vera Darius, Receptionist at Quartech Systems Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada Area

Gill McCulloch and Safe + Sound First Aid Training are the first organization of its kind I would recommend to my clients and colleagues for all their first aid training education. I have known Gill for several years and find her to be dedicated, conscientious and experienced in her field. Safe + Sound First Aid Training also comes highly recommended by other businesses in our area.

Kathryn Britnell, Manager of Business Development at Reliance Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Gill is a sincere, knowledgeable presenter. She is great at getting information across in a most understandable manner. I would highly recommend her because I know her to be trustworthy and a strong, confident communicator.

        Connie Thoreson, Owner, Designer, Webmaster at Thoreson Design Solutions Inc. Vancouver

“I recently participated in the Mental Health First Aid course held by Safe + Sound First Aid Training. As a paramedic and educator for the last two decades, I entered the course with a sense of curiosity and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. The classroom was clean and inviting, and the instructor greeted the students warmly at the beginning of class. The content was taught with passion, the pacing was appropriate, and the instructor actively encouraged questions and discussion. Through my work I am often in situations that involve mental health crisis, and I think this course lays a solid foundation for those who may encounter someone in crisis outside of the health care system. Well done!”

        Ian Macdonald, Owner/Director
        Priority Care First Aid Training

I recently had the absolute pleasure of participating in a Mental Health First Aid – Basic course, put on by Safe + Sound First Aid Training. As an Instructor/Educator for the past nine years, I came into the course with a heightened interest and some personal knowledge of the topic of Mental Health, as two of my immediate family members suffer from depression. Unfortunately, the topic of Mental Health carries such an enormous negative stigma, even though it touches so many lives in so many ways. The course instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helped to break down barriers that we all have on this topic. Carla taught the course with passion and empathy in a motivating and uplifting environment. She did a fabulous job in engaging all participants and allowing for open discussion and dialogue.

I strongly recommend that everyone who has any contact with a person or persons living with the struggles of a mental illness should take this course. Whether you are a teacher, coach, counsellor, pastor, community worker, health care provider, parent, friend, co-worker, manager or business owner…..this course will give you the basic understanding of the different types of mental illness and the tools and knowledge needed to recognize the signs and symptoms of an impending crisis, and how to keep yourself and the patient stable until help arrives. The course material was professional, organized and easy to follow and understand. Thank you to Gill and Carla for an unbelievable experience!

       Lisa Ochoa-Rangno
       National Account Manager, OHM Medical Training Services Inc.