Who is the hero in your workplace?   

In every workplace there is a quiet hero.

The hero in your workplace is not the boss with the shiny new Mercedes or the sales rep with the highest number of sales. It is not the person who unjams the photocopier or brings the coffee and donuts. The hero could be the parking attendant, the janitor, the work experience student, the quiet accountant in the corner.

It could be you.

This person has a special set of skills. They never know when they are going to need to use them so they have to be prepared at all times. These people look at their surroundings in a different way from others; their awareness is heightened. These people have inner confidence because they are empowered with skills which enable them to handle emergency situations. Emergencies can take many forms and they never happen at convenient moments.

During an emergency situation, the quiet hero stays calm and takes charge. They are assertive and know how to direct the scene. They ensure that Emergency Medical Services are called and designate duties to their chosen helpers. They have the skills and knowledge to care for the injured and ill and provide comfort and reassurance to the casualty as well as concerned co-workers.

The hero is the one who has first aid training – the person who saves the life.

So who’s the hero in your workplace?

First aid skills are easy to learn.

Anyone can be a hero.

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